"Looking at wind, you can see the MoE trees you can see the stall on the dais.

Orders stalled "天衣"The rare silk"天蚕糸"
Warp(Tateito)1I put it in each one and weaved it with a hand-loom.
One stall.

天蚕糸That is the "diamond fiber" and reputed to be the finest fibers.

Told not to stall, hard and difficult to process because such great material, but hard to dye, but Studio 萌木Then succeeded by devising their own difficulties to overcome, create item-level can be proud of "art to wear". Exactly what has become a stall like cloth of heaven, beautiful, lightly, even embraced.

Wild silk (tennsannshi)?
Wild silk (tennsannshi), antheraea yamamai (satyridae) of cocoon made from natural fibers.
Has a light green Sheen, is characterized by thicker than regular silk, strong.
For yarn and in air, heat, are very suitable for use as a stall.




"Forced too much stain wild silk scarf"
"Forced too much stain wild silk scarf" only limited 3 custom-production order and circuit board design.

Three luxury specification

(1) wild silk called "diamond" fiber is expensive and difficult to process for incorporating this stall is a luxury specification rarely made.
(2) forced much of luxury is actually difficult to collect for a lot if you get great color but seldom made.
(3) make it not seldom made luxurious design with two luxury design rarely seen in and further stall is unthinkable.

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Protect your body, as favorite

Amazing piece scarf winter wear many more by far than the effective thermal insulation are rolled up sushi is fashionable.
As well as the cold weather of the summerCooler chills too much preventionAnd UV rays on your skin when you go out except the "天衣"That is a useful accessory that bind them all year round.

As the atmosphere of your fashion accessories

Go party, dinner and theater scenes are available.
Coordinating accent would you like?
Further enhances the appeal of your stall.
It is both Western and Japanese style, creating the best atmosphere your lovely formal items.

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"Or why not wrap moegi stall? "
Very good find moegi stall "dais" we try actually wind.
Have a trade stall if you request a Japan national interested we're going anywhere, so please take a look at telephone.